Whatsapp Update Will Allow You to Manage The Network Usage and Storage of The App

In a new update, the messaging service renewed its user interface and offers statistics that clearly show how much traffic has been generated on our device. Whether these calls, messages, sent files, etc.

WhatsApp implemented in its version Beta, a new update that will allow the users of the messaging application to manage the use of network and storage of the application .

Since Wabetainfo revealed the details of the 2.19.45 update, which is already available to those who subscribe to the beta version of the application. Among its new features, are a renewed user interface and a statistic that clearly shows how much traffic has been generated in our device, whether they are calls, messages, files sent and received by drive, etc.

In addition, it is now possible to manage the storage of the application and delete the data of groups and private chats one by one. To do this, you only have to enter settings, data and storage, use of storage and a list of our conversations will be displayed.

When selecting a chat, we can see how many messages, photos, gifs and stickers have been sent with the other person and free space for each section if desired.

The new Redesigned Configuration design is available to any beta user with the 2.19.45 update installed and is expected to arrive next to the official version.

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