What to do if your mobile screen breaks?

Although the firms incorporate increasingly resistant crystals, they are not unbreakable.

The screens of the current mobiles are of a high quality. Technology is advancing by leaps and bounds and most smartphones and tablets that we find in the market use increasingly resistant and compact materials.

However, despite being better, they are not unbreakable. Most of us protect our phones with rigid or silicone cases, and we even put screen protectors “just in case”, trusting us rather little. All caution is little, being a smartphone that has cost us more than 800 euros.

But, what happens if by carelessness – your or your nephew, for example – that precious mobile ends up on the floor with such bad luck that the screen breaks? Here the doubt arises. What should I do? What if it was another type of mobile, one not so expensive?

The screen is one of the most expensive elements of a phone , hence its repair is also expensive ; and no manufacturer includes in the warranty of the terminal the cost of repair of said element, since it interprets that in case of breakage the user was the culprit and it is not a manufacturing problem (something that in 100% of the cases is like that).

Keep in mind that changing a broken screen can mean spending more than 100 euros and therefore in many cases we will be much more profitable to buy a new terminal. Hence the questions that we pose below.

What has been broken? The screen or the glass?

Glass is not the same as the screen . It may happen that the glass has been broken but not the screen, and therefore you will see how it continues to work without problem, or it may have broken the screen and then it will not respond when you touch it and it will stop working, although there are cases in those that still work.

If the screen and glass have been broken, or even if only one of the two has been broken, it is most likely that you are advised to change both, and even replace the front where the buttons, camera, etc. are.

Hence, the repair of a screen can be very expensive depending on the breakage, and, of course, the phone to repair.

Repair or no repair, that’s the question

With a mobile phone with a broken screen we have two possible solutions before us. Buy a new one and relegate the damaged one to a drawer or repair the screen that we have in our hands.

At this point you have to take into account many variables . How much time do you have? Will it cost us more to repair or a new mobile? Do we have money to be able to take on the repair? The smartphone that we have will really be a very important factor when deciding what we should do.

It is not the same to have a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge mobile phone bought two months ago than to have a low-midrange mobile phone bought two or three years ago.

If we have a phone for two years or more the best idea, with the screen broken or not, is that we consider changing it. If we have a mid-range phone but it is less than a year old, maybe we can consider changing the screen, assessing what the repair will cost us.

Therefore, a possible scale is that if the price of the repair is forty percent or more of the initial price of your smartphone, you should consider the option of putting the missing percentage and buy a phone similar to yours in many aspects but with some improvements.

Original screen?

Substitution with original elements or not? Many of us can be assaulted by this doubt before the break of the screen of our mobile. Of course, any original piece will always be more expensive than one that is not, which is why many consumers, trying to save, opt for the cheapest option.

However, you should bear in mind that screens that are not original tend to have worse quality and end up giving a lot of failures.

Do we go to the official technical service?

The best option in the case of newly purchased devices, although also the most expensive, is to take your device to an authorized official technical service .

There they offer you all the necessary guarantees and they are responsible if something has not gone well. In addition, you have the security that they fix it with official materials and the workforce is specialized.

However, as we said, through the official technical service the repair can be up to 50 percent of the total cost of the device , much more than in an unofficial technical service.

A disbursement that maybe we are not willing to pay, especially if our device is already years old.

Prevention is better than cure

There is nothing better in this life than to prevent . As the saying goes, “better prevention than cure”, and it is true.

One of our recommendations is to hire an insurance that covers the breakage of the screen , as well as the loss, or theft of the phone, especially if it is a high-end phone that has cost you a lot of money. In this way you will be covered in case “for things of destiny” the mobile ends on the floor with the screen shattered.

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