Upload and save photos “in the cloud” with Android and Dropbox

Nowadays, it is very common to use a mobile phone to photograph family events, take pictures when going out on a night out, or when touring on weekends.

On your mobile phone a large number of images are stored, of moments that you have lived, since you bought your device: to carry a Smartphone in your trouser pocket or bag means having a compact digital camera always available, which will turn a moment into a memory that you can always bring back.

Why not save your photos in a safe place? Why not save your images “in the cloud” so they can be viewed from any device with Internet access ? If you have a Smartphone with system Android OS, I recommend you save images to DropBox. . DropBox offers free Internet storage of more than 2GB.

Go to the application menu and open the application “Play Store” app store Android. Once inside, in the upper area of ​​the screen you will see a magnifying glass, click on it: use this search to find “Dropbox”. Click on the application, from the list of options, and on the next screen, click on “Install”.

Once the “app” is installed, go to the applications menu to execute it. After the first welcome screen, you have to enter “Register in Dropbox”.

Now you will have to enter four basic data to identify yourself as a user, and then click on “create account”. The next screen is important. Dropbox can automatically save the photos you make with your Smartphone , so they are always available from “Internet” and have a backup copy.

As indicated by arrow 2, select “Charge via Wi-Fi only”, and then click on the “Activate charge from camera” box. Now, every time you have new pictures taken with the camera, the Dropbox application will automatically upload them to your account when you connect to a Wi-Fi network.

Here is a couple of screenshots of what the Dropbox application looks like . The app automatically creates the “Uploads from camera” folder, where you can find the photos you have made with your phone and saved on the Internet automatically. Of course, you can also manually upload the photos: click on the options button of your Android phone (on the lower side of the front, usually under the screen ), and in the drop-down that will appear then select “load here”.

If you want to deactivate the automatic upload of pictures , while you are in Dropbox you have to press on the options button of the phone, select “settings”, and then click on “disable loading from the camera” (one of the sections of the list).

In addition to Dropbox, you can also find other online storage solutions such as Box or Flickr. But Flickr offers you to save “only photographs”, although in one of the most important Internet portals, having a space of 1TB (1000GB) completely free. Flickr is ideal for those photography lovers who want to share their images with the Internet public.

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