The 5 best Viber features you should know

The most interesting features for users of the Viber instant messaging application.

There is no doubt that Viber has been a headache for many companies since its launch in 2010.

This is because many users continue to download and install Viber every day, which represents a threat to its main competitors, such as Skype, WhatsApp and Google Hangouts.

To use Viber, all you need is a connection and Internet, either with mobile data or through Wi-Fi. To have a better voice and video quality in Viber, you must ensure you have a connection of at least 3G on your mobile phone.

To help you get the best out of the application, here are some of the best features you have when sending messages or making calls.

Viber features

1 – Smart notifications

Notifications are essential when receiving alerts. However, not all of them are well received, especially when you are in a meeting or when notifications come from a group of 70 different people.

This can be very irritating during the day. To avoid this, you can use smart notifications , what it does is that it does not allow you to fill your phone with different notifications, so that you combine them in a single notification. To activate it, it is necessary to access a chat room and swipe to the left, where the smart notification option will appear to activate it.

2 – Custom chat background

Viber allows users to play with the backgrounds of conversations, so they can be personalized.

Now you can easily get rid of the monotonous background in your conversations and insert your own when you can upload an image of your smartphone’s gallery or the web.

3 – Chat rooms exchange

There are times when you start talking with more than one person in Viber.

While you can keep all conversations by constantly going to the main page and open each chat, you can also slide with your finger to the right and you can see a full list of all active conversations, which saves a lot of time.

4 – Sending of audios

As is already the case in other instant messaging applications such as WhatsApp or Telegram , the option to send audios at the moment makes things much easier for users.

Instead of writing messages, Viber users can now send a quick voice message by pressing the microphone button that will record the message . In this case, the message will be received in the form of voice recording.

5 – Collection of Stickers

Viber comes with one of the best collections of stickers. Use these stickers to keep your conversations more interesting. In addition, these tags can be downloaded from the label store, sorted and reordered.

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