Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum

It drives you crazy … wirelessly.

Logitech is one of the most recognized companies in the field of peripherals … they produce pads, joysticks, mouses, keyboards and the list goes on. Although this time Logitech sent us a set of 7.1 Headset. Yes … surround sound attached to our ears.

The box is aesthetically striking in part because of the blue and black color of it, where they advertise all that is good and cute about the product. As soon as we open the box we have the headphones where the first thing that catches our attention is that there are no cables! Yes … the G933 are completely wireless.

But below them we found several cables, including the option of also making the G933 a wired headset with a 3.5mm 4-band connector ideal for connecting to laptops (includes volume control and microphone mute).

Also the power to inject audio signals from sources such as DVD’s and send them wirelessly to the G933 through a specific cable. Once we have the headphones in our hands, we see that they are of the Supra Aural type, that is, with a headband that holds them above our head.

The headband itself is very well padded and soft thanks to a very soft velvety fabric lining. The headphones are also super quilted which gives them exceptional comfort and perfectly cover the ears making acoustic insulation of the outside world very efficient.

If you are wondering how the 7.1 channels using headphones are achieved, the answer is that first a USB adapter is used next to a special audio chip for the device, said adapter is conveniently stored in the headset under a magnetic cover on the left earphone (in the right earphone is the rechargeable battery) next to 40mm speakers.

It also incorporates a folded microphone that is extensible for those violent skirmishes where the coordination of the team depends on being able to speak loud and clear through the microphone.

We have tried to speak for the same and the other side always answered us that the audio quality was very good. And that’s not all, the Logitech G933 includes a practical sound control on the left side where we can adjust the overall volume of the device, but additionally we have settings of macros where we can adjust the flight other equalization functions.

And the flirtatious touch are the programmable RGB LEDs that allow us to configure them at will depending on the game, the audio profile, or changing colors. As already mentioned, the G933 uses a dedicated chip to manage the headset (the adapter is compatible with PC, Mac, PS4 and XBOX One).

Of course, this chip when connected by USB needs a driver to be operated by Windows that Logitech provides on its website. The management software in Windows is very intuitive and you can configure the 7.1 in just a few clicks, it even has a positional audio demo so you can feel the magic of the 8 channels.

Now … How do these headphones sound? We divided the tests into 3 categories.


Using audio MP3s made in 7.1 we did the sound tests. As a retired Disc Jockey I am very demanding with the quality of audio and I must say that the quality is very good, the whole tonal range (According to Logitech, the frequency response goes from 20Hz to 20kHz) is very well expressed. It really is very enjoyable to listen to music with headphones. Even using stereo audio, the frequency response is very effective.


Using the Cyberlink PowerDVD we configured the audio output to use the headphones in 8 channels and after that we put a Blueray of “Avengers 2: The Age of Ultron”. In the DVD menu we chose audio in 8 channels and we started the movie. Really like in the music test the sound quality is very good with the plus that in the movies the positioning of audio feels much better. Then we used some Dolby Digital demos included in the Logitech software and if the movie had left me very satisfied, the demos expressly made for 7.1 sound stand out for their quality and good positional sense.


Infernal. It is the only word that occurs to me. I was playing a lot but MUCH at Batman: Arkham Knight in these weeks. I configured them to make use of 7.1 and to play. The sound sprang up everywhere, you can feel the origin of each enemy. The environmental sounds of rain, the roar of the Batimovil … The explosions were tremendous. Definitely these headphones are the best companions that a gamer can have, especially if he wants to play without disturbing anyone with our noises.


Logitech surprised me very pleasantly with these Artemis Spectrum. Not only because of the concept of having 7.1 surround audio in a headset but also the positioning of the audio works very efficiently. And above all, the audio quality excels in all the tests we have done which shows that the quality of the internal devices used is excellent.

They are also very comfortable to use, even after several hours of having them on our head. Finally we can mention the flexibility that the G933 gives us to be able to use it as a 100% wireless device (with the option of being able to inject audio from unconventional sources such as DVD players or BlueRay, or in case you want to use it with cable either because We used up the battery or because we prefer remote control to handle the volume and mute at our whim.

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