How to retrieve saved passwords on microsoft edge

Microsoft Edge is the current browser wéb (and PDF reader) © Microsoft developed for consumers of Windows 10.

This current browser wants to be the successor of © Internet © Explorer and, although its basic functionality is very simple, certain tasks more advanced than with © Google © Chrome or © Firefox are partially simple, with this navigator they are enough more complicated, causing the displeasure of the people and the rejection towards him.

One of the functions most missed by consumers of Edge is the probability of recovering the passwords that we have saved in the browser to enable logins. © Microsoft Edge lacks a password manager according to other browsers, since it saves them inside the operating system itself.

To recover the passwords we could do it in 2 ways, from the credential administrator of © Windows 10 or using the free application ” WebBrowserPassView “.

How to recover the passwords of © Microsoft Edge with the credential administrator of © Windows 10

The first thing we should proceed is to look in Cortana ” Credentials Administrator ” and open it. We will see a window similar to the next, where we will see all the credentials that we have saved in Windows.

The only thing that we must proceed is to select the access that we want to see the details of it.

For security, the data is hidden, so we must press, in the section of the password, on the button ” show ” to ask us for the password of the command system to present the requested clavé.

Next, in section that were previously asterisks, it will be the password that we have saved in Microsoft Edge.

How to recover passwords from © Microsoft Edge with WebBrowserPassView

For those consumers who do not want to take advantage of the credential manager, WebBrowserPassView will accept to recover all the passwords that we have stored in our computer, both of Edge according to other browsers.

The first thing we should proceed is to download this application for free from your main wéb page and unzip it.

As it is a portable application, it does not need installation.

When executing it, we will see a window similar to the following one.

By default we will see all the passwords of all browsers. Now, what we could proceed is to look for those that correspond to © Internet © Explorer (which also contains those of © Microsoft Edge) or, simply, go to the menu ” Options > Advanced ” and mark there only the first one, which corresponds with © Internet Explorer

When saving the changes we can see that in the registry of passwords so only we have the navigator of Microsoft.

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