How to prevent condensation on inside of car windows

How to prevent condensation inside the vehicle windows. Let’s solve this issue that restricts your field of vision in the cold months.

It is autumn and the temperatures do not stop going down. You climb into your car and try to start the march. What’s going on? The windshield is fogged and the condensation prevents you from recognizing the signs, the asphalt lines or any object placed in front of you.

One of the worst things you can do (almost everyone knows), is to use a used cloth, the sleeve of a sweater or the hand to mend the situation, since in many cases the remedy is worse than the disease.

Another well-known mania of the drivers is to raise the temperature of the heating. Does this maneuver solve anything? What should we do in such a situation? Pay attention to the following tips to eliminate the condensation of the car.

On cold days, the interior heat fogs the car

On dates such as autumn and winter, it is normal for the interior heat of the car to cause fog on the windows. Inside the cabin, our breathing generates humidity and heat in each exhalation of air. However, outside the temperature is much lower and the crystals have contact with both thermal sensations. When this reaction is triggered, all the hot air inside will radically change temperature once it touches the extension of the crystal, forming water vapor . We can see this phenomenon, for example, when the glass of the shower reaches the so-called “dew point”, when we breathe in the window glass during the winter, or when the glasses produce steam when entering from the street somewhere with the stoves on.

How to demist the crystals quickly?

  • Opening the windows a little: Lowering the window a few centimeters (a couple of fingers are enough) will help the fog gradually fade.
  • The maximum hot air can demist in a few seconds the front glass.
  • In case you have a car with an electrical system for demisting the front window, activate it, although most vehicles only carry this button for the rear window series. If this is the case, direct the ventilation outlets towards the windshield by adding dry or rather warm air (blue line).
  • Always avoid that the recirculation of the air is activated, since this will cause a greater condensation in the windows of the car.
  • If you notice that the previous point is not enough to remove the fog, turn on the conditioner. Putting it at half power, it is efficient enough to end condensation quickly.

Truths and remedies

Remember that, on a rainy day, both the wet raincoat, the umbrella, shoes and clothes will cause more condensation to the vehicle. The water accumulated in these elements will begin to evaporate due to the heat inside, generating steam as time passes.

This will end up causing the glass to look like an onion paper, with a fogging rather than annoying.

In case of not having air conditioning in the car, there are multiple “home” remedies that solve the problem of condensation. For example, pass a very thick layer of soap and then wipe it with an absorbent cloth, keeping the mist away for a while.

Some people also have a 50% solution of water and vinegar: using and drying this mixture before starting the march you will find a good ally against condensation. In addition, there are specific products to avoid this problem.

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