How to improve the sound of your smart phone?

Many times we use our mobile device as a music player, and many times the sound quality is not ideal depending on the production. We show you an application that improves the volume quality of the Android phone.

With the Equalizer app it is a good option to increase the sound of your equipment and also improve the quality of what you usually hear through headphones.

Among the functions of the application you can also configure the equipment to increase the volume that is issued in such a way that you can be the speaker in a meeting of friends who are on the same floor of a house.

This application also allows you to activate audio effects, such as the Virtualizer that will give you a much deeper sound and also incorporates a bass enhancer, so that your cell phone is more powerful when playing music.

Let’s see how the application works:

1. Go to the Play Store search engine and type ‘Equalizer’:

2. Read the terms and conditions of the application download:

3. The first thing that the application will ask you, in English, is that you configure your equipment so that Equalizer manages the sound of the device:

4. Once in the configuration, and with the downloaded application, you must select the option ‘Equalizer’:

5. The next configuration is to start the application volumes. This is done at the top of the application on the power button. Activate all options as seen in the image:

6. You will have to define the effects you want to have on your sound. It is best to choose the first ‘Normal’, while exploring the application:

7. To increase the volume of your device you must access the second option ‘Equalizer’ and increase or decrease the noise according to your taste:

8. In the last option, ‘Effects, which you find third you can increase or decrease the intensity of the sound if you have it as a speaker or if you are going to use hearing aids:

9. And voila, you can already listen to the songs of your player with an improved sound:

The download of the application is free and can be recognized by this logo:

If you want to download the application follow this link.

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