Best PS4 games

PS4 Games

If you plan to purchase the latest PlayStation 4 or Pro version game console, you should treasure the extensive library of games you can play. Whether you own this system or buy a new one, you can play some of the best ranking games on the console.

When it’s time to choose the best games, consider how you play now is an important consideration. After all, you can not give up what gives you the best value for time and money. When choosing the best PS4 games, you should look closely at the options and format of the games before taking what you want.

The best PS4 games

Rise of the Tomb Raider

Exactly two decades have passed since the launch of this game on PlayStation and the PS4 version of the game has earned the praise of being the “20 Year Celebration” edition. In this version of the game, Lara Croft offers significant combat rounds. Combat can seem exhausting, but it’s also fun, as you get confused with aspects of the game.

Even though the storyline that indicates Lara’s journey in the lost city of Kitezh in Siberia to complete her father’s work lacks originality, you will find some genuinely striking aspects while the tempting mechanics take her to the heights he had never discovered before. . If you choose to choose it for PS4, you can also obtain the previous DLC. The game is also adaptable to the Pro version of PS4.

Fallout 4

This, with its excellent manufacturing systems and weapons game, starts a role play, but you should not worry, as there is a Stimpak. In the post-apocalypse environment, you will encounter a frightening experience. Often, you will go out to complete your mission and you will deviate so that you can find something that is bad or good.

The main character gets a proper voice to add another polished layer to the whole process. With customization options and companions, this game welcomes players to a new realm. Although the game is not flawless, the scale of the Bethesda moor can keep it in the bunker for several weeks. If you get the extensive additions of DLC, you will never want to return from the waste land.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

When you consider the environment, the attractive gameplay or the world of construction, the game shows a kind of achievement, although occasional problems may appear at one time or another. The excellent systems that come together in this game are hard to beat and it has become one of the best RPGs.

God of war – fatherhood and fatalities

After killing all the divine creatures and deities on Mount Olympus, this raging muscular, known as Kratos, has wrapped the original story of the God of War trilogy in a bloodshed. What you can expect from this game is a completely new and luxuriously designed story, along with a semi-open world that pulls at the strings of your heart while you kill the monsters.

Call of Duty: Black OPS 4

The latest version of the game has removed all irrelevant aspects and incorporates new mechanics and modes, as you are in PUBG and Overwatch. As a result, you can get an online FPS that may not be original, but your experience as a player will be more rewarding and you are likely to stay much more involved while playing this game.

The blackout is the answer to this game in the style of Big Battle Royale since the game adopts the style of all the variants of weapons that can be ordered and a giant map. The game’s multiplayer mode is largely focused on the team instead of special abilities or regenerative health. Finally, who can forget the madness and fun that the Zombies integrate in this game?

Caliber of the soul VI

Almost six years have passed since the entry of the previous game in this series, and although it has taken a long time to reach the hardware of the current generation, it is worth playing. If you are a lover of the sword swing action from Soulcaliber II, you have entered the right place.

With the change of engine, you can get an agile and sensitive combat model, and the inclusion of two huge story modes ensures that this game is a sure winner for game enthusiasts who plan to obtain new collections for PlayStation 4. Apart from This, the inclusion of Geralt of Rivia as a special guest is the best addition to this game. The network code of this game is simply amazing and the customization options will leave you baffled.

Detroit: become human

This game is one of the most visually stunning among the game options on PS4. This game has to do with the humanity that lives with the technological and realistic Android that acts as a workforce. David Cage’s latest work follows the story of three machines that begin to feel, act and think beyond the original programming.

Players face many challenging actions and scenarios in this game, whether it’s taking care of a dynamic teacher or solving murders. In truth, you can expect a story that evolves gradually with the action and the most select dialogues.

Dark Souls 3

This is one of those series that gave birth to about a hundred imitators and the only reason behind the popularity of this game is the fair game that is also close to the current version of the game.

However, they are the majestic and grotesque scenarios that appear in the game and the fine tuning of combat fans, along with the emphasis on versatility and speed, which makes this an ideal option to expand the collections of best PS4 games. When you take a look at the series as a whole, this collection seems to encapsulate and not disperse as Dark Souls 2, the previous version. If you feel like grabbing the soul game, this is it.overwatch


This Blizzard master blaster based on the team received many awards for the best multiplayer game, the best competitive game, and the best original game, and so on. When you think of games for PS4, this is one of the collections that you can almost never miss.

With charismatic heroes involved in the battles of six against six, and their crazy skills, like swearing, shouting along with memorable moments make it an addition to the collections. There are specific objectives in each mode that give a tangible objective to each party.

Fifa 19

This is one of EA Canada’s soccer simulators and, although he has got rid of the shadow of Pro Evo, he has made many changes in the formula that you have always loved, in the right places. You are sure to find the flavor that suits your foot while playing this game.

The journey in this game returns when Alex Hunter tries to become a superstar football icon. The game includes the Divisions mode to make improvements to the long-term game and the start mode comes with the new rules of the house that resemble the FIFA street style. The changes in the ball and the shots make the feeling of movement more elegant throughout the field.

Meet the 4 fastest and safest web browsers

People have become accustomed to staying connected to the Internet for much of the day. Whether from your home, work or study center. It is therefore important to choose a web support that is suitable and that will make a big difference in terms of performance, security and flexibility.

Next, we will show a list of the best browsers with their main characteristics, helping you to identify which is the most useful according to your needs.

1- Mozilla Firefox
Firefox has always been known for its flexibility and support for extensions. However, over the past few years, it began to fall behind in terms of speed.

One of its latest releases was Firefox Quantum, with a speed similar to that of Google Chrome and almost does not use RAM (30% less than Chrome), even when there are a lot of tabs or tabs open. In addition, it constantly updates to help protect the privacy of users, preventing their data from being extracted by a hacker.

Among its new configurations, there is support for logins without a password and automatic blocking of ad crawlers. Also, there is a new version that has been specifically designed to navigate the web in virtual reality.

Another important aspect is that being a non-profit organization, it does not insist on selling the data it obtains, unlike some of its competitors.

Official download site:

All these reasons make Mozilla Firefox the leader of this list. However, there are other alternatives such as:

2. Google Chrome
Google has created an efficient and expandable browser, so it deserves to occupy one of the first positions.

All these reasons make Mozilla Firefox the leader of this list. However, there are other alternatives such as:Google Chrome
Google has created an efficient and expandable browser, so it deserves to occupy one of the first positions.

Its user base is increasing as time passes, because it is an incredibly stable and brilliant multiplatform. In addition, it has a wide range of extensions easy to obtain and install that you can use without problems. In addition, there is support for parental controls and a wide variety of settings and configurations that ensure maximum efficiency.

However, Chrome has some disadvantages, such as being considered one of the heaviest browsers in terms of resource use. From this perspective, it is not suitable to use it in computers with limited RAM. Likewise, its performance is lower than that of its competitors, not to mention that it can generate discomfort for the use it makes of your browsing data.

Having said that, Google is making some improvements in regards to security. That is why in future versions will make it very clear which of the websites you visit do not use HTTPS encryption.

Like Firefox, Chrome now supports password-free logins through WebAuthn, either to replace traditional keys altogether or to function as a two-factor authentication method.

And it offers more features for web application developers, including more consistent experiences through different VR headsets, and the ability to use the input from the sensors (such as the ambient light sensor and the device’s accelerometer).

Official download site:

3. Opera

It has an excellent Turbo mode, has an integrated ad blocker and fewer plugins than its competitors. In addition, it works quickly and the user interface is good.

Despite these positive features, it only has 1% of the browser market.

The main reason why its installation is recommended is because with the option Opera Turbo web traffic is compressed and routed making a big difference in the speed of navigation. It also reduces the amount of data transferred, which is very useful if you are using a mobile connection.

When the Opera Turbo mode is enabled, Opera compresses the requested web pages (but not the secure HTTPS pages) by up to 80%, depending on the content, before sending it to the user. This process reduces the total amount of data sent and is particularly useful with slower Internet connections, making pages load faster. This technique is also used in Opera Mini for mobile phones.

As far as security and privacy are concerned, Opera can be configured to use proxy servers. It has a built-in cookie editor and a web cache viewer. In addition, the password manager integrated into the browser allows users to configure a master password to protect against unauthorized manipulation or access to passwords stored in the password manager. Users have full control over the data supplied to the W3C geolocation API.

Official download site:

4. Microsoft Edge

Edge was launched in 2015, along with Windows 10, as a basic and lightweight browser.

Instead of updating Internet Explorer, Microsoft decided to implement Edge from scratch, allowing the company to eliminate support for old and obsolete technologies and codes, which makes Edge much simpler than Internet Explorer.

Even so, performance tests show that Edge is about as fast as its direct competitors (Chrome and Firefox), leaving IE far behind.

Microsoft designed Windows 10 as an operating system for tablets, as well as laptops (laptop) and desktop (desktop). So the company gave its operating system, and its Edge browser, a more intuitive touch screen support than any of its main rivals. Therefore, if you regularly use a PC with Windows 10 in tablet mode, you have another reason to adopt Edge: it will take you to the network a little faster.

In addition, Edge integrates seamlessly with other Microsoft products, such as the Windows Defender antivirus tool to detect dangerous sites. While Chrome and Firefox work perfectly in Windows 10, the experience is a bit smoother when using native Microsoft programs.

Microsoft’s digital assistant works closely with Edge on Windows 10. Google and Apple have their own digital assistant applications, but none of them is as well integrated into a browser as Cortana.

Official download site:

Viber easy to use and free

Viber, free call and messaging app. At least popular as WhatsApp, Skype and Facebook Messenger. The sound quality of the Viber application is quite good. Ad-free and easy to use application.

Viber is compatible with smartphones, tablets and desktops. You can use the application with 3G or Wi-Fi.

Viber does not only offer voice communication to its users.

It is possible to send text messages, photo messages, fun stickers and videos.

The application running on all platforms can be used from desktop computers. At first, the application was only available on mobile phones. The intense demand of people has also been used on a desktop computer.

In a statement, the company announced that the number of viber users is close to one million. US and European countries did not like the application of Asian countries. Phone calls in developed countries are cheap. Asian countries are expensive or low buying power. I think this is the only reason for the data.

Even free to call landlines with Viber

Viber Language Options:
Arabic, Catalan, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Norwegian, Persian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal), Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Tagalog, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian and Vietnamese.

Remember, Viber is completely free.

Viber Download can be found here.